Naama​-​Antero niemisen viikonloppu

from by Pessimistien Britannica Revasta



From hot shit did I mold my castle
From my life and everything in it was it removed from
Those which I did steal from the Munanen's
From the boy-like places
From the catacombs of the poopy churches
On the moors of Canary
Tourists queue to queues
All-lifting COCK
Satan's shitty cunt
As a shit, it's nice to be
In a thoughtless stream
Purgatory ship
Shoveling cat poop
from other children's sandboxes
Free-time productivity
The famine of the niggers
In front of the receivers
crying pretentious shit
Life, oh, is so difficult
as I had rolled in myself
in ordinary lucid-dreams
I jump into the similiar same world
from day to day
from the other side
from the retirement home
Where The Sun Screams
come here to get
But perhaps either way
I attempt once again
The same old
average-thick dog sausage
the cock shaped from yellow
the symphony of insanity
the harmony of bodily fluids
On the floor of a bunker
At the center I scream TÄTÄÄ-
"One long drink, please"
"Yeah, no need putting ice"
"Yeah, thanks"


from Matti Ja Teppo The Greatest Hits, released November 30, 2016




Pessimistien Britannica Revasta Finland

Pessimistien Britannica Revasta on suomalaisista puuppaajista koostuva yhtye, joka vääntää ulos aunareistaan tekotaiteellis-progressiivista rytmimusiikkia.

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